watermelon exfoliating soap

How to make watermelon exfoliating melt and pour soap

How to make exfoliating watermelon soap.

Watermelon Exfoliating soap

The kids are back in school and as summer painfully comes to an end, I’m grasping at anything that I can to keep my summer mindset alive.  Well, what keeps summer fresh on the brain, other than a big slice of watermelon?  Right!?  Y'all, these little soaps smell fantastic and will leave your hands soft and smelling just as yummy.  Plus, once you reach the natural loofa imbedded on the inside, it works perfectly to exfoliate the skin. That is a win-win in my book.

Ok, lets gather everything that you’ll need. For this project, you’ll need the following main ingredients.

  • 32 oz of Premium Extra Clear MP soap base (I used Crafters Choice)
  • .90 oz Watermelon Mania fragrance oil (Purchased from Wholesale Supplies Plus)
  • .45 vanilla color stabilizer for MP soap
  • Pink Watermelon Infusion mica (purchased from Wholesale Supplies Plus)
  • Sliced Green Kiwi mica (purchased from Wholesale Supplies Plus)
  • 6 pieces of sliced loofa (7/8” thick)
  • Round silicone mold (I used the Crafters Choice 1602)

And while you are gathering all of your main ingredients, go ahead and grab all of your soap making must-haves as well.

  • Microwave safe measuring bowl
  • Soap cutting mat or cutting board
  • Digital scale
  • Digital thermometer
  • Spray bottle filled with 99% rubbing alcohol
  • Several plastic beakers to measure out the mica and fragrance
  • Gloves

Ok, are you set up and ready to go?  Here we go.

Make sure that your work surface is completely clean and all of your ingredients are close by. I spray the bottle of 99% rubbing alcohol on the counter, and wipe down the work surface before I start a batch of soap.

To your microwave safe measuring bowl, add 22 oz. of the melt and pour soap base.  In order to ensure you have 22 oz. measured out, I have found that a digital display scale works the best for accuracy.  Be sure to tare out the scale with the bowl on it, and then add the soap one chunk at a time until you reach 22 ounces. Once you have it exactly right, melt the soap in the microwave in 30-second bursts.  If you have a small piece that isn't fully melted, just stir the soap until it is completely dissolved.


watermelon soap melted

While the soap is melting, measure out the fragrance and vanilla stabilizer the same way.  Place the small plastic beaker on the digital scale, and press tare.  Then add .60 oz. of the Watermelon Mania fragrance, and .30 oz. of the vanilla stabilizer. Then mix it well and set it aside for a few minutes. 

When the melt and pour soap is full melted, set it aside and get your mold ready.  Place the loofa slices into the mold cavities. One slice should be perfect per cavity.  You’ll want to place the silicone mold on a cookie sheet or cutting board.  This will make moving the mold easier in case you need to move the mold before the soap sets.  I always use a cookie sheet, but anything that is larger than the mold with a hard, flat surface will work. 

watermelon exfoliating soap - loofa

Add the fragrance/vanilla stabilizer mixture, and two .15ml scoops of the pink mica to the melted soap. Mix well and ensure that all beads of mica have fully dissolved.  Then pour the now pink watermelon soap into the cavities. The loofa slices will rise if you fill the cavity too far above the surface of the slice.  If that happens, just press down on the slice.  The 22 oz. of pink soap should perfectly fill the 6 cavities to the top of the sliced loofa.  If you have more, eyeball which cavity may need additional soap so they are as even as possible. You'll have to ignore that my photo has more than 6 bars.  When I tested this batch, I didn't completely follow the measurements like I should have. 

As one final step with this pink layer, be sure to spray the top of the soap with the 99% rubbing alcohol.   This will magically make all of the air bubbles go away.   Let the soap fully harden. I typically wait 30-45 minutes. 

Watermelon Soap pink

While the pink layer sets, go ahead and prepare the green soap.  Rinse all of the same dishes you used for the pink layer. Then to a clean measuring cup, add the remaining soap (10oz) and melt it in the microwave in 30-second bursts. 

As the soap is melting, add .30 oz. of Watermelon Mania fragrance and .015 oz. vanilla stabilizer to the plastic beaker.  Mix the two together and set it aside.

When the last batch of soap has fully melted, mix in two .15 ml scoops of the Sliced Green Kiwi Mica to the melted soap.  Mix that really well to ensure that all beads of color have dissolved.  Then add in the fragrance/vanilla stabilizer mixture.  Mix everything together really well.

Watermelon Soap green

Continue to slowly stir until the soap has cooled down to, or below, 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  I use the digital thermometer to accurately get the temperature.  When the soap is at, or below, 130 degrees, it’s ready to pour.  If you pour when the green soap is still too hot, it will penetrate the surface of the pink soap and the colors will blend.  Before you pour in the green soap, spray the top of the pink soap again with 99% rubbing alcohol to help the layers adhere to one another.   

Repeat the steps of filling each cavity with the green soap until they are filled to your liking. Spritz them with the rubbing alcohol again to get rid of the bubbles.  Let them fully harden before you try and remove them from the silicone mold.

Once they have set, put on your gloves and slowly remove them from the mold.  When I made myself a personal bath, I learned that they fingerprint very easily.  So if you are preparing these to sell, be sure to use gloves when you remove them from the mold. 

Once they are out of the mold, they are ready to use.  Head to the sink, and lather the soap onto your wet hands and smell the enticing smells of summer.  I love these bars. 

watermelon exfoliating soap

Be sure to wrap the extra bars in plastic wrap or a desired airtight container.  This batch makes 6 bars, so repeat from the top to make additional bars.

Enjoy!  I hope you love this recipe as much as I do.  Be sure to let me know what you think.

Happy Soaping,


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