How to make the perfect gift for any time of year: Relaxation Tub Tea Recipe

As I post this, I’m finding it hard to accept that the holiday season is just around the corner.  But at the same time, I find myself buying tons of fall decorations like pumpkins, fall dishes, and pillows that scream that I am secretly loving this time of year.

I wanted to share this Tub Tea recipe because I love it.  Whether you are hosting a holiday make-n-take, or making your own holiday gifts, these tub teas are so easy to make and are a perfect gift regardless of the time of year.  Who doesn’t need some time alone in a bathtub?  I do. Me, please!!!

Here is what you will need:

Main Ingredients:



*Don’t let this item scare you.  This heat sealer can be used for many things.  I use this to seal the tub teas, but also for sealing mylar sample bags when providing product samples.


Are you ready?  Here we go. This is super easy. To a large bowl, add:

1 cup Course Spa Salt

2 cups Epsom Salt

2 cups Dried Flowers

20 drops of lavender (I was making a relaxation blend, but use what works for you)

Mix all of the ingredients together so the essential oil is well incorporated.  Plug the heat-sealer in so that it’s heating up while you fill the tub tea bags.



There is one side of the tub tea bags that is open. If it’s hard to find that side, use two fingers and slide the edge of the bag to release the two sides. Once you have the tea bag open, use a large spoon and scoop two spoonfuls into each tea bag. Line up the tea bags (open side up) until you have used all of your mixture. This batch will make approximately 24-26 bags.

When all of the tea bags are full, align the edges of the bag so that they are even. Place the open edge on the heat sealer and lower the handle on the sealer. I close the sealer twice per bag. Then tip the tub tea bag upside down to ensure that it indeed sealed properly. Voila! There you go.

Continue that process until all of the bags have been sealed. At that time, I placed two tea bags into the packaging pillow and labeled them according. Many people read what ingredients are in the products they use.  I also made an ingredients label so that people were aware.  It’s that easy. I purchased the labels from Avery.com.

I hope this was easy for you, and that you love these as much as I do. Please send me pictures of your finished product.

Happy Crafting!


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