Stinky Shoes…or odors of any kind!

Hello Momma friends,

You know that horrible stench that is so incredibly nasty that you check the trashcan, the garbage disposal and you just can’t find where it’s coming from? You’re pretty sure food is rotting somewhere but then you find it… your child’s tennis shoes, or maybe it’s her Uggs that she’s been wearing without socks. You know that stinky smell! Amiright?

Well, um… honest moment. I have to admit that sometimes the shoes I find are mine. But I have the recipe that will help with this dilemma, and you do not need chemical sprays to fix this problem.

Whether it’s the lingering stench in the bathroom, the smell of a fish dinner, the liter box, your gym bag, puppy pee pads, or the diaper pail; here is the recipe that I use for every situation that needs an odor busting solution. It’s a winner.

Give this a try.

For shoes, you can place Young Living Purification essential oil on a cotton ball, and place the oil-doused cotton balls inside the shoes or boots. This is also a great way to get rid of odors in the car. Place the oil-doused cotton ball in the vent of your car. Boom! It’s a perfect solve.

For a room spray, you’ll need an 8 oz glass spray bottle.

Place 15 drops of the Young Living blend purification in the glass bottle

Then add in 15 drops of Young Living lemon to the bottle

add a pinch of salt

and fill the rest with distilled water.

Why salt? Since oils and water do not mix, the salt gives the oils something to attach to. So that will help your mixture blend well. And that is it – just shake and go.

Let me know how this works for you.

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