Sleepytime Spray Recipe

Need help getting the little ones, or even your teens, to sleep? Give this a try.

I use only Young Living Essential Oils. Why? Well simply because Young Living Essential Oils are the best and they are the only essential oil business to stand behind their Seed to Seal Guarantee. I will only use the best when it comes to my kids, and I never worry about what else is in the bottles that I get from Young Living. There are ZERO preservatives or fillers. I know and can trust that I’m getting only the best essential oils I can buy. So…

Just take an 8oz glass spray bottle

Add in 4 drops of Cedarwood

4 drops of Stress Away

4 drops of Lavender

Add a pinch of salt because oil and water do not mix

Then fill the rest with distilled water.

SHAKE and Good night!

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