An easy handmade gift: Relaxation Tub Tea Recipe

Do you love giving handmade gifts?  This tub tea recipe is quick and easy. And who doesn't love a good bath?

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How to make exfoliating watermelon melt & pour soap

Could your household products be harmful to you and your family? Take the step and learn what you can do to get rid of them.

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Need Seasonal Relief? Here is a Roller Recipe

I hate sniffles, sneezes and snotty noses. If you need some seasonal relief like I do, check out this roller recipe.

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My Mission

As a parent, I am always trying to find healthier alternatives to the products that we use everyday. In August of 2104, when I started by journey seeking safer products, I stumbled upon essential oils.  I had only smelled lavender essential oil and knew that it could help with sleep. Well I got my Premium Starter Kit and it did help my children sleep, and helped with skin irritations, aggravating bug bites, relaxation and so much more. Over the past several years I have learned so much about these little plant-based gems, and how going natural is the way to better health and wellness.

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Next Steps...

Are you ready to take the first step and start replacing the toxic products in your home with healthier alternatives? Join us and become part of an amazing community of "Happy Oilers" and get started.